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New materials, new technology research application better prospects for development

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Manufacture of diamond blade main raw material for the important auxiliary raw material APT, cemented carbide and high speed steel is the main intermediate raw materials and production of tungsten products market, the current main production of tungsten in the Alps, the Himalayas and the Pacific rim. China has 60% of the tungsten, hidden in the international market because of the shortage of raw materials, the price of APT close to ten times the growth in recent years. And the cost increase will be passed on to tool the end user. The current related research institutions in the world for such situation, the ongoing positive research, the major research plan is as much as possible in order to reduce the amount of tungsten in the cutting tool, a key part of the main method is only in the cutting tool use tungsten. With research and application of new materials, new technology, ceramic, cubic boron nitride, the diamond cutting tool material will have a better prospects for development.

For mechanical processing, reduce the production cost is the most effective way of productivity. Cutting performance, cutting speed, cutting quantity per unit time) increased by 20%, the manufacturing cost will be reduced by 15%. More and more strict processing requirements need further development, cutting tool material and coating to improve processing conditions and improve the tool design. In the process of machining, the blade will appear at the sudden change of temperature and mechanical forces as well as the severe chemical reaction, need to adopt more excellent materials and surface coating of tools.

Besides productivity requirements, more hard processing material application in the field of mechanical processing, and cope with these difficult cutting material processing, the most effective way is the emergence of advanced cutting tool materials, "valin superhard" is to see this, abandoned the superhard materials related to other business in the field of industry, "not a lot, only do high precision designed" main CBN cutting tool, in multiple areas of hard-cutting materials and efficient cutting collar is in the lead.

Diamond blade industry market distribution is roughly in the field of general machinery and automobile. The global machine tool sales of the main customer base for general machinery and automobile industry, in turn each account for about 35%, followed by aviation, health care and mould industry, customers range from 10% to 5%. In the global car industry is the largest contribution to the growth in Asia, including China in absolute leading growth of 40%, compared with a global average growth rate of less than 5%.

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